Welcome to Gerhard deBock's Toolbox.  The challenging work of ministry is often easier to make a multiplying effort when we have good tools to work with.  Over the past three decades of ministry I have created many tools.  Some of these tools will provide front-line help to almost any follower of Jesus. Others are geared more towards church leaders and may help you in your ministry as a pastor, missionary, elder or deacon.  

This simple site is designed to allow me to share some of my tools with you.  They are yours to use and improve upon.  They are copyrighted but free to you as long as you don't try to sell them in some way.  

Most are provided as PDF files that are readable with the free Adobe Reader or similar programs. Many are also provided in OpenOffice format, which can be edited with the free, open-source software.  Some are in Word format, which many folks us regularly.  This ability to edit will allow you to customize the tools to fit your needs. 

May the Lord bless your multiplying efforts for His Kingdom through the use of these tools.  If you have suggestions to improve them, please send an email to   


(that you can search and copy from - MANY tools available)

(helpful to pastors and church leaders)

Some of the Resource Topics Available:

A basic presentation of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 8 Simple Drawings (a PDF file for Screen Viewing).  The booklet master which you can duplicate is also available.  Click here for all the supporting tools to help you share the gospel clearly. 

God's Man - Mentoring Path for Men - over 30 tools you can use to begin mentoring men towards being biblically qualified to be elders.  

The Judgment of Charity - a book that helps you with the essential tools and skills of relationships (communication, conflict, forgiveness).

Marital Mentoring -  mentoring tools that will help you equip mature Christian couples to work with other couples preparing for marriage.

SimpleBook$ - A workbook through the biblical teachings on finances - Overview, Homework Reading, Self-Assessment

Pastoral Mentoring - Two 12 session "paths" to establish a pastor's CORE level competencies and then to step up to develop NEXT LEVEL ones.

NextLevel Leadership - Gaining & Sustaining Focus - The six parts of a "Planning Rocket" and how to apply the principles to various responsibilities of leadership